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Specialist Bird Control Services
  • Bird Netting Installation
  • Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing
  • Bird Spike Installation
  • Bird Mess Cleaning Services
  • Chimney Bird Proofing
  • Gutter Cleaning

Ebbsfleet Pest Control specialises in bird control services and therefore can offer quality, long lasting protection from birds at affordable prices.

Online quotes are available - please supply pictures and approx measurements.

Methods Used

Bird Spike

Bird spikes are a very good deterrent. They prevent birds landing on small ledges, ridges, chimneys etc. They are made from stainless steel and are fitted by using special flexible adhesives - areas must be cleaned/prepared first.


Bird Netting

Bird netting is very effective and good at preventing birds landing on and entering large areas, like building fronts, roofs, basement areas, external staircases and light wells.

Steel Mesh

Steel mesh comes in a variey of different size square holes. It's available in hot dipped galvanised finish or stainless steel. It's very long lasting and effective at covering small gaps.

steel mesh

Bird Mess Cleaning

Ebbsfleet Pest Control Undertakes bird mess clearance and clearing work. We can safely neutralise all bird fouling using our dedicateed bird disenfects and leave your premises looking fresh and clean and germ free.

Bird Mess Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

When birds are present on your roof they are continuously fouling. This fouling washes off and ends up building up and blocking gutters.

Bird Mess Cleaning

Protecting Solar Panels

Birds nesting under solar panels can be a major problem as solar panels creates a warm, safe and sheltered home for birds. However, by using galvanised steel sheet mesh, we can keep the birds and pigeons out.