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Ebbsfleet Pest Control is a small privately run company based in the DA11 Area of North Kent.

Fleas, Bedbugs, Wasps, Bees or Birds ? We Offer Low Cost Effective treatments - Domestic or Commercial. 

Evening & Weekend visits can be Provided to Customers Within our local Area.

Discounts Available on treatments that require Multiple Visits or have Multiple Rooms.

Ebbsfleet Pest Control Delivers A Reliable, Discreet Service - We Do Not use Sign Written Vans.

Staff are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) or RSPH (Royal Society Public Health) qualified.

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Ebbsfleet Pest Control will only use Professional UK Approved Pesticides, Our Treatments are Humane, Effective & Safe.

All are carried out in Accordance to BPCA, RSPH & RSPCA Codes of Practice.

Residential Painting


Fleas can be difficult to eradicate, we use proven methods to completely remove them from your property.

Commercial Painting

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are on the rise, numbers have increased significantly and are now a very common pest.

We only use proven chemical spray treatments to eradicate them.



The cockroach is a large insect that eats almost anything and breeds rapidly. We offer effective treatments to solve the problem.


Common Black Ant

The Black Ant is the most common species of ant and they can invade your home. We eradicate using a chemical spray. 


Honey Bees

Bees are protected by UK law but the nests can be removed without harming them if accessible.

Clover mite

Clover Mite

These nuisance pests can invade houses in large numbers and may also leave stains if crushed.

A residual spray treatment is used to eradicate.



Wasps are aggressive and can sting repeatedly. They can be a real threat to children and pets.

We solve the problem by killing the nest 



Pigeons are a nuisance, There known for spreading diseases.

They Can moved on by installing Bird Netting, Spike or Steel mesh.

Other Services Available

tickBird Netting .

tickBird Mess Cleaning jobs.

tickSolar Panel Bird Proofing.

Whether domestic or commercial, we aim to make sure all our customers are fully satisfied with the work carry out.